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Our Approach

The Realization That No Single Traffic Source Performs At The Same Level

We believe in providing you with next level tools to evaluate and track all of our sources and sub sources of traffic, enabling you to clearly identify the clicks that are out performing all the others. We believe it is imperative to provide you with actionable data so that we can consistently improve campaign performance and your ROI.


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Click Targeting

Our admin panel intuitively allows you to target specific keywords, geographic regions, browser types and version, operating systems, and platform devices. Our system gives you the choice of traffic quality tiers, each utilizing unique algorithms and third party quality assessment technologies. We also provide those more sophisticated buyers the option to do the quality filtering themselves in order to take advantage of their existing relationships and to avoid paying extra costs that are often associated with third party click filtering.

How Will My Ads Look?

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We deliver more than 10 million clicks daily from thousands of popular search and 
niche content sites, providing the highest level of performance and quantifiable ROI.

Monetize Your Traffic


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    Advertisers in our network are extremely competitive when it comes to earning your clicks. When they bid to compete for your traffic our software intelligently ensures that you get only the most profitable ad units for your traffic. Danari has been trusted by countless networks and publishers to maximize revenue for their traffic since we opened in 2009. Our reputation for high revenue, on time payments, and consistent performance has solidified our place as a leader in the traffic acquisition space.

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    We make it simple for you to implement our ads via an easy javascript snippet, direct XML feed, or unique customizations utilizing XML feed parsing technologies. We work with networks that take our XML feed directly and we also work with individual publishers who display our ads directly on their pages. Since our ads come through a programmatic XML feed the implementation options are endless.

How Do I Test Your Traffic?

There is no minimum required to test, we can implement your campaign within hours for same day delivery. Our team always provides the highest level of service, whether you elect for a fully self-service panel, or you require a fully managed account.

About Our Company


DanariPPC was established in 2010 and is one the fastest growing premier advertising networks. We deliver over 10 million visitors daily using the most sophisticated and detailed optimization techniques in the industry. We ensure that our advertisers receive only the highest conversion metrics. Danari’s highly intelligent platform allows advertisers, publishers, networks, and agencies to instantly match internet traffic at targeted quality levels to provide the most profitable return on investment. DanariPPC is headquartered in Studio City, CA.

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