Become a Publisher with Danari Media PPC: Sell Your Web Traffic and Generate Max ROI

Earn More For Your Valuable Online Traffic

Join our large network of top publishers, agencies, and networks earning thousands of dollars every day for their website traffic.


Make More Money

Earn more for your valuable website traffic. Danari Media pays out a 70% revenue share on all clicks. You can add our PPC XML feed to all of your pages or you can use our Javascript drop in tags.


Premium Ad Inventory

We only display high quality ads from our own direct advertiser relationships. Our platform will block low quality third party ads to help increase revenue and value to our web publishers and their visitors.


Real Time Bidding

Our direct advertisers are extremely aggressive when it comes to earning your high quality traffic. With our real time bidding system our buyers compete to earn the most volume they can from you.


Trusted By Top Publishers

Trusted by top publishers, agencies, and networks with premium, high volume traffic for the past 10 years. Our reputation is such that they have come to rely on us to receive full, on time payments every single month. We pay in full and we pay on time!


Easy Integration

Drop it in or code it in. We make it easy for you to display our premium ad inventory so it looks great on your website and loads quickly for your visitors. Need something special? Let us know and we will customize a solution just for you.


Detailed Reporting

We offer a granular, real-time reporting panel. We provide detailed reports of your earnings and performance down to a sub id level. With reliable and accurate data we can perform effective optimizations to increase your revenue even further.

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