Danari Media was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2009 and quickly became one of the fastest growing premier PPC traffic networks in the world. We deliver over 12 million visitors daily to our large base of exclusive clients. Our highly sophisticated software, unique optimization techniques, great reputation, and staff of passionate professionals is the reason for our continued success.

Collin Kay

Collin Kay

Business Development

Co-Founder and business development extraordinaire. Known to his colleagues as the British Bulldog. Nobody brings in more business than Mr. Kay himself. With over 25 years of experience in the field Collin is not only a founder but simply one of Danari Media's greatest assets. Give him a call now or just wait around for him to find you, most likely you're already on the list.

100% Business
200% Success

Nathan Barnett

Information Technology

When Nathan is not shaving milliseconds off of system processing times he is most likely mining request, click, and analytics data for new ways to optimize campaigns. Danari Media Co-Founder and lead computer scientist, Nathan heads up all things tech related from the system designs to the software architecture. On the rare occasion that Nathan is super bored you might find him refactoring things that barely even matter, like css and html code.

200% Software
100% Systems
Nathan Barnett
Kyle Moran

Kyle Moran

Account Executive

Every office has its most prolific sales guy and for Danari Media it's our Lead Account Executive Kyle Moran. Kyle loves to vacation along the pacific coast but the only way he makes that possible is by devoting his valuable time and effort into landing new deals and making them great successes. With years of experience in the industry Kyle is an invaluable part of the team.

100% Communicative
300% Team Player

Lynda Gilderman


A company can't survive without well kept books. At Danari Media we entrust our accounting operations to the talented Lynda. With her experience and attention to detail we can feel confident that our bills are paid in full and on time. There is a reason that Danari Media has a great reputation for paying its publishers and that reason starts here in the accounting department.

200% Payments
100% Team Leader
Lynda Gilderman

Marlena Mendoza

Human Resources

Marlena is our HR pro. Someone has to make sure all of our employees have what they need and are happy as can be. Not only does Marlena handle all aspects of the hiring process but she also makes sure everyone has the right benefits for them and their families. On top of all that Marlena helps to keep things together with her administrative skills. Email her your resume if you think that you have what it takes. We are always looking for great talent!

200% People
100% Administration
Marlena Mendoza
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